Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Krave base makeup review: perfect for oily skin!

Pin It Now! You can own the most coveted lipsticks, dozens of pairs of circle lenses, and false eye lashes designed by a plethora of has-been popteen models, but if you don’t get your base makeup right (read: natural, even and smooth), then you’ll probably find that all these other products loose their shine (unless you already have perfect skin, and I hate you!).
I am generally a BB Cream wearer, because I know that these are good for my skin as well. And this is why I am a huge fan of base makeup products which are natural and beneficial for skin health. Sitting firmly in this category is Pilipino brand Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals’ line of organic base makeup products, including Krave Organic Liquid Foundation, Krave Correct & Conceal Mineral Concealer and Oil Eliminator & Skin Hydrator Primer & Finishing Veil. Luckily for people with oily and acne prone skin like me, all of these products are specifically formulated to control oil, prevent breakouts, and promote healing – finally, some love for oily skin!
Krave Organic Liquid Foundation contains a bunch of natural ingredients, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory rosemary extract, anti-acne carrot oil, moisturising and antibacterial jojoba oil, nutritious aloe vera extra and regenerating vitamin E.
The foundation is a thin, watery consistency. The coverage is rather sheer, and the finish is perfectly matte with a luminous quality. Krave Organic Liquid Foundation is available three colours Ricotta, Tiramisu & Cassata. I was sent Ricotta, which is too light for my skin tone, but I personally don’t mind wearing foundations a few shades lighter. Being truly matte and oil reducing, this foundation would probably not be suitable for people with dry skin, and would likely be unforgiving on flaky patches.
I absolutely love Krave Correct & Conceal Mineral Concealer because it’s specially formulated to not only conceal spots, but help heal and prevent them! It contains allation for healing, levomenol (from Camomile) to stimulate healing and soothe irritation, pro-vitamin B5 to protect, and golden jojoba to control oil production.
This concealer is a few shades too light for my skin tone. However, I love that it has a level of reflectivity, which makes it great as an under eye concealer and highlighter! I love knowing that as I am covering up my blemishes, I am helping to heal them as well!
I am a big fan of powders to set makeup and mattify foundation. Krave Oil Eliminator & Skin Hydrator can be used as both a primer and a finishing powder. Amazingly, this product promises to both eliminate oil and hydrate, a difficult balance to strike. Pearl powder helps to promote healing, and provides natural sun protection. It also exfoliates the skin and promotes cell regeneration. Sodium Hyaluronate is a powerful hydrator to restore balance.
The powder is super fine, with no pigmentation, and therefore applies completely sheer. This product would be perfect for any skin tone. I have to say, as a powder that helps prevent oil all day long, this is one of the best around. For people with extremely oily skin, I would also keep one of these in my makeup bag and reapply to instantly mattify shine on the go.
And here’s my look with Krave Organic Liquid Foundation, Correct & Conceal Mineral Concealer and Primer & Finishing Veil.
My overall impression is that while the coverage is comparable to BB cream, and may not be enough for some, the finish is very natural looking and truly matte, and gives a glow to the skin. I would highly recommend this line of product for those struggling with oily and blemish prone skin.

Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals was very kind to provide me with a range of products to review and I love each one of them. Don’t forget to check out my reviews of Krave Blush Crush and Krave Moisturising Lip Shimmer and Krave Moisture SoufflĂ© Night Cream!

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