Sunday, August 5, 2012

End of Week Outfit–Bows, spikes and polka dots

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I wore: Velvet LBD by Insight – General Pants Co • Polka dotted bow socks & Collar – Sportsgirl • Perfect Spike by Jeffrey Campbell – www.solestruck.com • Rocco Duffle – Alexander Wang

I’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with high socks. The higher the better. When it was no longer technically acceptable for me to wear high sock, i.e. when I was no longer an actual school girl, I compensated with tights, leggings and stockings of all colours and textures, dozens of them. Thigh high socks are probably the least socially palatable in the sock family. For some reason things around thighs is considered kinky, probably because they remind people of burlesque-style suspended stockings and garter belts. I mean, try find a slutty Halloween costume on Ebay that doesn’t feature thigh high socks. I’ve also heard that the thigh high sock is so important to Japanese maid cafe uniforms that there are predetermined measurements for the gap maids have to leave between the top of socks and the skirt hem!
Despite the common connotations, I definitely don’t agree that high socks should only be in the realm of slutty Halloween costumes and maid cafes (unless I’m mistaken, Sportsgirl doesn’t deal in costumes or adult goods)!
Thigh high socks: kinky/chic?

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