Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to: DIY flower crown

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Ever since I saw that awesome flower crown on Lana Del Rey, I’ve been spending most nights making them, much like an 18th century Jane Austin style unmarried old maid. For me, the flower crown has got to be big, too big for your head, big.


I won’t be showing you how I did the crown I’m wearing, as it’s hard to get the flowers I used for it, but the technique is basically the same!

First, source some big artificial flowers. I’ve shopped around for good prices on artificial flowers and found them to be surprisingly pricy. You can buy bulk flowers on ebay for something like $10 for 20 flower heads. But then I visited the local dollar store, and found these bouquets for $2.50 each! I usually use at least two different types of flowers to make the flower crown look more interesting.


You don’t want the stalk, so the first thing we’re going to do is remove all the flowers.



To assemble the crown, you’ll need some flower arranging wire and tape. You can get these at any craft store. You can use any kind of wire or tape, but it works best if they are green. Also make sure you have a pair of pliers.


Make the base to connect the flowers to with two or three of the flower arranging wire, depending on how big you’re making the crown.


Using your head as a guide for the size, twist the wires together to form a ring. As we are making a big and full crown, make the base as small as you can, just big enough to sit on top of your head.


Next we’re going to make the stalks to mount the flowers. Using wire cutters or strong scissors, cut the wires into fours.


However, as the wires are too thin for the flower heads, bend over one end, flattening it as much as you can with pliers. Then insert the bent side into the tube at the bottom of the flower. Bend up any wire left showing underneath, and out of the way. For good measure, you can use a glue gun to glue the stalk firmly onto the flower.


Now we’re going to attach the flower to the crown. Hold the flower in place, then, using pliers, tightly wind the stalk of the flower around the crown.


With the next flower, places it as close to the first flower as you can and then wind the stalk like the first. To make it easy to work with, always wind the wire in the same direction.


Rinse and repeat until you have a complete crown!


Have fun!!

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