Monday, August 20, 2012

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk OR207: This one is definitely orange!

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First of all, I have to explain my absence from my blog this last week. If you follow me on facebook or twitter, you’ll have heard that I had some technical issues with my computer, and almost lost all my work for the past 12 months. I’ve been able to recover some things (one of these being the draft and images for this post!), but I’ll have to say ‘RIP’ to others, and start over. Lesson learned: back up your files!

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk is the talk of the interwebs, with its impossibly adorable packaging and huge range of nude to bright colours. Personally though, I’m only interested in the brights, so after being totally thrilled with the pinky goodness of Dear My Blooming Lips-talk PK004, I took a chance with OR207. Why do I say I took a chance? Orange is one of those weird colours in lippies that never seems to come as orangy, bright or opaque as you would want. An orange that nearly hits the mark for me was Shiseido Perfect Rouge “Day Lily”, but still I wanted MORE. Well Dear My Blooming Lips-talk OR207, colour wise, is possibly the one. However, as I will discuss a bit further below, with great colour, comes great…dryness!


As if I didn’t take enough snaps of this unrealistically pretty packaging in my PK004 review – here are some more!


To top it off, when you wind up the lipstick, you notice this lovely engraving on the shaft! This lippy really conjures images of a French lady socialite’s dressing table of the 1920’s, with her feather dressing gown, slippers with the pom poms and dozens of eccentric perfume bottles, you know, the ones with the vintage sprayer pumps.


Dear My Blooming Lips-talk makes three simple promises:

  1. Smooth texture
  2. Vivid colour
  3. Moist shine


For 1 and 2, I can tell you know, it’s two huge ticks. The colour glides onto skin like melted butter, and the colour pay off is seriously satisfying. With just one swipe, totally opaque orangeness.


As for promise number 3. The shine is definitely there. I’m not wearing lip gloss, and still there’s fantastic shine factor. However, in terms of moisture, this lippy falls short. As with most highly pigmented lippies, this one is slightly drying. So excellent colour does come with a price. I’ve heard comments about My Dear Blooming Lips-talk being somewhat drying, but I actually think it depends on the colour. PK004 was not drying at all, and I actually found it really comfortable to wear. But like I said in my review, it was a slightly sheer pink, and was not nearly as pigmented as OR207.


But OR207 really does pack a colour punch. This is a seriously orange lippy. And the colour lasts on and on, all day. But just a slight warning: it will stain your lips.


For a summary of the huge range of colours for this lippy, check out my PK004 review.


  • Super smooth and glides on like butter 
  • Satisfying colour payoff, applying completely opaque in one swipe
  • Great shine
  • Adorable packaging
  • Slightly drying – I recommend lip balm before application
  • Will stain lips


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