Thursday, May 3, 2012

Storing your false lashes!

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Great eyelashes are expensive, so we all want to keep and reuse them for as long as possible. The challenge with that is, of course, a way to store these delicate little things so that they are kept pristine and easy to use, and most of all, doesn’t cost you the same as you pair for the lashes themselves. As a total false eyelash addict, I have lost count of how many designs I have at any time, and have tried all sorts of different ways of storing them. So this Cheap Thrills Thursday, I thought I might share with you guys what’s cheap and chic solution has worked for me.

So what if you just kept your eyelashes in the case they kept in? Well just a few of the problems I can name with this strategy is the tediousness of sticking the lashes back onto the mounts, the fact that the original packaging takes up so much space, and that it’s difficult to store packaging in a way that they are easy to find.


So the next thing you might have tried is one of those single or split compartment purpose made eyelash cases, like the popular Dolly Wink eyelash case. This would be great if you have just one or two sets of lashes. In fact the Dolly Wink case is designed with one big compartment for strip top lashes, and one small compartment for individual lower lashes. But guess what happens when you try to put a few sets of lashes in the same compartment together.



Yup. One black clump of indistinguishable fur.



The most challenging thing about storing lashes this way is that tiny lower lashes stick to the strip lashes, and once stuck together, it’s almost impossible to find them again! Of course, you could get multiple eyelash cases, and separate your lashes out that way, but then, unless you label each one of your eyelash cases, you’ll be opening each box to find the lashes you want on any particular day. And the other problem? Price. Dedicated eyelash cases like this super kawaii Dolly Wink one can set you back up to $7!

My solution?

Clear nail art storage boxes! 91

These are generally designed and sold for storing acrylic nail tips, rhinestones etc. But it just so happens that a particular design for these cases is the perfect size for storing false eyelashes. When I was looking for one of these cases online, I looked at the measurements of the compartments and found that these were the perfect dimensions for extra long Asian lashes like Dolly Wink.

With this 10 compartment case, you can store 10 pairs of strip top lashes or individual lower lashes in individual compartments. The dividers fit snuggly into the lid (as it’s designed to keep tiny bits) so there is no risk of your tiny individual lashes falling into the other compartments when the case is shaken. It also comes with one big compartment you can fit in extra long strip lashes, or store your essential tools.

The case is clear, so you can immediately see what’s stored inside. So you could have any number of these and would always be able to find the eyelash you want.

The best part? You can buy one of these cases for as little as $0.99 on ebay!!

It’s funny, but my friend once asked me how I can tell which eyelash is which when I’ve already thrown away the packaging. But I think you would agree with me, when you really love false eyelashes, you can tell! For example, my current case is holding, from left to right, Dolly Wink No.7, Dolly Wink No.6,Dolly Wink No.14, Dolly Wink No.8, Melliesh No.1, Dolly Wink No.1, Dolly Wink No. 10, Dolly Wink No.3, Diamond Lash Angel Eye…wow I have a lot of Dolly Wink lashes!!

How many pairs of false eyelashes do you own, and how do you store them?

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