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Friday review: Etude House Shini Star (SHINee Special Edition) Clear BB Lotion

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With my current run of reviewing various BB Creams by Skin79, I was delighted to be sent new Etude House Shini Star SHINee special edition Clear BB Lotion by my sponsor http://www.pinksakura.com.au/! I have tried Etude House Precious Minerals BB Cream before, and was very impressed with the quality, so I expected great things from this product. Believe me I was not disappointed. Let me explain why.


Before we begin, I thought I might just talk briefly about the context of the ‘SHINee Special Edition’ aspect of this product. So SHINee is South Korean R&B boy pop group, formulaically made up of five cute guys with fabulous hair. SHINee, along with Dara from popular South Korean girl group, 2NE1 are currently endorsing Etude House. This follows the trend of Korean male recording artists endorsing cosmetics brands, such as ZE:A’s Siwan for Skinfood, and Kim Hyun Joong for Slim Beauty House.

So you might wonder what’s the logic behind a boy band endorsing a women’s makeup brand? No, it’s not because men could use this product too – there’s special BB cream for men! The message between the lines is probably: if you wear this product, you will become the type of girl that SHINee boys would date.

But just take a look at this promo picture with these 5 effeminate boys apparently playing with lipstick, which they are endorsing. It looks like a boys only makeup party, and it’s 100% socially acceptable because they are cute, and it’s Korea! Oh and what can we see sitting on the table? Tubes of SHINee limited edition Shini Star Clear BB Lotoin!


Just try and fight off the girls (with a stick) from buying this product after seeing a promo photo like this!


As hilarious the promo background to this range of products is to me, I really love this product.

First of all, how can you not fall in love at first sight with this adorable mint coloured matte finish pump tube? And by the way pastel colours are the biggest thing for 2012, so this is an automatic tick.

While I think the signature Etude House BB Cream squeeze slash pump bottle is a super aesthetically pleasing design, I find it a bit challenging to get the product out without the inevitable BB cream ‘fart’! So it’s best to keep this sitting upright when it’s not being used, so all the air bubbles go to the end of the tube. This means that storage in your makeup bag, for example, isn’t ideal. For this reason I personally prefer the upright ant-gravity pump design of Skin79 Super BB creams.


And the BB lotion itself?

The first thing you notice is that it’s a very light shade, several shades lighter than my skin tone.6

The cream is silky smooth, and, unlike many other BB Creams I’ve tried, is quite thinly formulated, easily blended out, and a little really goes a long way.


When fully blended, and allowed to oxidise, Etude House Shini Star Clear BB Lotion gives a light dewy finish that is very fine and even. I must say, it looked perfect and flawless on the back of my hand!


And what about coverage?

Etude Shini Star Clear BB Lotion offers light to medium coverage. You can see in the snaps below. With just Shini Star Clear BB lotion, it doesn’t quite cover my imperfections, but does very effectively even out my skin tone, giving it a super smooth appearance. Finished off with some Concealer and set with powder, I can only describe the effect as ‘extremely fine’ and definitely porcelain. The difference it makes to the appearance of my skin is quite dramatic!


Here’s my look created with Shini Star Clear BB lotion! I think the results speak for themselves.



  • Light to medium coverage that should be sufficient to cover up minor blemishes. Extra concealer will help perfect the look.
  • Included SPF 20 rating and whitening benefits
  • Makes skin appear fine, smooth and porcelain
  • Super adorable packaging you’ll proudly display on your vanity table or pull out of your makeup bag!
  • This product doesn’t specifically offer any skin benefits apart from SPF and whitening
  • May not be moisturising enough for dry skin types
  • Only comes in one light shade and may not be suitable for all skin tones

I am completely in love with this product, and it’s definitely one of my favourite BB Creams so far! Pick up an adorable tube of Etude House Shini Star Clear BB Lotion for just $16AUD from http://pinksakura.com.au/!



Pink Sakura is a new Australian based Asian cosmetics retailer on the scene, specialising in GEO Medical contact lenses – stock including the popular Bambi Princess Mimi series – yay – and Asian cosmetics, with mostly Korean brands like Etude House, Tony Moly and Holika Holika! They also sell nail art supplies and Kawaii Items! I’m super excited about their range of Fimo nail art slices, which are priced at only $1 each for 40 pieces!


I have to also give a mention to the excellent customer service at Pink Sakura. They put so much love into wrapping my package. Shipping was also super fast. I received the package in just two days from being advised that it had been sent – wow!


Pink Sakura also sent me a number of other items that I will review in my second instalment – stay tuned!

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