Sunday, May 6, 2012

End of Week outfit–Wild Eyes

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I wore: Frayed tank from ElectroVintage on www.ebay.com; Skirt from FELT; Lita Python boots by Jeffrey Campbell; Necklace from Colette.

True to someone known to have her head up in the clouds most of the time, I love to put a little fantasy in every aspect of my life. That’s probably one reason people sometimes make comments about my dress sense like ‘you wear things I wouldn’t think of wearing, but you totally pull it off’. While I am conflicted about whether this is actually one of those thinly veiled insults…I completely agree with it! I have no knack for dressing ‘normally’, and while recently I’ve been pushing myself to stock up on more basics in my wardrobe, most of the things I own are what I would describe as ‘themed’. Because for me, fashion is partly about getting in character.

An example of my aesthetics is this amazing frayed tank, hand cut from a printed T by Electro Vintage. It’s the majestic lion painting that caught my attention straight away. It brought to mind the The Lion King, Princes Mononoke and David Attenborough’s documentaries on African wildlife, which so captured my imagination when I was ye high!

By the way, if you’re wondering what I’m doing with my hand up in the air in the forth photo…I’m actually blocking the sun from hitting my camera lens!! Just a hint about self photography: if you want to get that backlit glow but not washout glare from the sun, simply make sure that you are casing a shadow completely over your camera lens!

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