Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mid-week outfit–Autumn coating

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Wearing: Burberry trench, vintage; Scarf from ebay; Skirt from Koom; Shoes by Joanne Mercer; Bag from my mother’s closet.

I’ve always felt that I have a weird shape for wearing coats and jackets. They always look awkward on me somehow, bulky, lumpy, or out of proportion with my head. I always tell people that I have pin-head-itis, a condition where your head’s too small for wearing large coats, which gives you the appearance of having a pin head! But I realise that this is probably because I always buy the coats I think look great, but just don’t look great on me! The one style I think I can do, however, is a structured trench. I love this style so much that I have a number of variations in my wardrobe, long and cropped, fitted and flared, denim and cotton…well really I just have the four of them, but you get the idea. I’m currently on the look out for the perfect duffle coat to get me through the coldest months, but so far no luck.

Photography notes:

Having decided to change up the location for my outfit photos, I found it extremely challenging getting the right lighting lined up with the backdrop I wanted. Unfortunately I couldn’t work it out in time before the sun set, and I ended up with only a few workable shots.

What kind of coats suit you best?

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