Saturday, May 12, 2012

May Canberra Fash’n’Treasure Haul!

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There are lots of places I’d skip going for a good bumming session in front of my computer, but one event I wouldn’t miss for the world is Canberra Fash’n’Treasure! I have missed only one of these since they started holding these early last year (with regret), and each time I’ve picked up some really awesome pieces for amazing prices.

For those of you who have followed me for a very VERY long time, might remember that one of the first posts I ever published on this blog was that I desperately wanted a Burberry trench. Well that dream has seemingly come true, with this, my flagship purchase!


Now, I know what you’re thinking. How do I know it’s real when I bought it second hand? Well the answer is I don’t know for sure. The girl I bought it from didn’t have a receipt or any other proof, only her word that she bought it from a department store in Japan, and the $200 price tag (talked down to $100) did raise alarm bells. But looking at the details-impeccable tailoring, quality stitching, contrast arm and waist belts, real leather buckles, seam piping on the inside–if this wasn’t made by Burberry, then I say ‘thank you’ to who ever made this, because it’s simply a beautiful piece of clothing!


One of the coolest things about Fash’n’Treasure is that you’ll inevitably stumble upon a person who has the same taste in clothing as you, and you’ll just love everything they are selling – something you rarely fine retail shopping! I picked these up so many pieces from gorgeous Kathleen Szabo. Kathleen is a seamstress and pattern maker, and makes a lot of her won clothes, like the super adorable top she was wearing on the day! I can only imagine what I could do if I could make all of my own clothes!

photo (1)

I’ve been looking for a cute cape for so long, and this one ticked so many boxes:

  • Knitted – tick
  • Hooded – tick
  • On trend print – tick


This shirt dress jumped out at me straight away. Everything spoke to me, the colour, the pattern and the collar and bow details!


Kathleen explained that this dress was a gift her friend received from her mother from an overseas trip, which she subsequently acquired because the friend didn’t care for it. How could you not like such an adorable dress, and this electric tie-dye print?!


Yet another adorable dress. This one is a little worse for wear, but I just couldn’t resist the whimsical embroidered design!


The guys from FELT were at the event as usual, touting a very impressive selection of vintage and second hand chunky knits.


I picked this one up for $20! It’s long enough to wear a dress, maybe layered under jacket!


From another seller I bought this super loud ASOS dress for $20.


I can see another online shopper when I see one. The same girl also had this amazing pair of Dolce Vita ankle boots. For me this was just the right amount of grunge and elegance that totally sold me! At $50, it’s practically a steal.

20The only catch is that it is two whole sizes too big for me, but at these moments, Tim Gunn’s voice always drifts into my mind, echoing ‘make it work!’

(Credits for this meme goes to Sartorial Bliss)

Great things also come in small sizes, and this amazing star patterned bow tie was only $5!


Finally, my favourite purchases of the day was from ebay seller ElectroVintage!

photoLast time I posted about ElectroVintage, you guys were telling me that you went to check out the ebay shop, but couldn’t find any of the cool things I saw at the market stall. Apparently this was because there was some glitch that caused all of ElectroVintage’s stock photos to get lost in the netherwebs. But it’s anticipated that all the regular stock will be up again soon!


The last time I saw this seller at Fash’n’Treasure, I was ah-ing and um-ing over so many things he was selling, but this time I told my inhibition to take a hike! So here’s what I picked up. I love this amazing canvas aztec print drawstring shoulder bag – $20!


And this hand cut printed crop top just totally blew me away -  $40! You might have seen that I wore this in my previous outfit post!


May Fash’n’Treasures was definitely the best I’d been to so far. Not only were there heaps of sellers, but all the items on sale were super high quality. There were a few other things I regret not picking up, but as I spent $250 over all, I think I did well! Considering I purchased 11 items, and that most of this amount went to the Burberry trench coat, everything else was practically $15 each!

Would you rather retail it or thrift?

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