Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Midweek outfit–Fur and dots

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I wore: Faux fur Jacket from www.asos.com; White T from Country Road; Biker Shorts by Neon Hart, from www.generalpants.com.au; “Bubble Stockings” from www.vanitybox.com.au


Prints and patterns are huge right now, and while there are so many interesting and outrageous prints out there, the oldie is still a goodie: there’s something so brilliant about the polka dot print. It’s the simple interaction of positive and negative space, and the design neutrality that makes it translatable to every style and format.

Many of you might know this about me, but I have somewhat of a tights/leggings/stockings fetish. I probably own as many pairs of tights and stockings as the total number of other items in my wardrobe. So naturally polka dotted tights was something on my wish list for my winter wardrobe this year.  

I’ve always thought that my awesome sponsor, www.vanitybox.com.au and I were on the same fashion wavelength, but this time I think owner Kean read my mind when he sent me this perfect pair of polka dotted tights! Due to the classic sheer black design, this is a truly versatile item and goes with just about any outfit! I know I’ll be struggling to stop myself from wearing these stockings with absolutely everything.

Want to get your own? Pick up a pair of these bubble stockings for just $8.50 from www.vanitybox.com.au!


How do you like to wear your favourite pattern?

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