Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday nails stuff: Lolipop nails

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I am totally addicted to candy themed nail art! This week’s nail art is inspired by rainbow coloured boiled lollipops, you know, the ones at the lolly shop counter that your parents would never buy for you because ‘there’s no way you could eat it all by yourself’.


lollipop1This one of the more intricate designs I’ve done so far *phew*, but it’s surprisingly easy, just a matter of painting lots and lots of multi-coloured stripes!


I used:

  • Orly ‘Snow cone’
  • China glaze ‘Tree hugger’
  • China glaze ‘Happy go lucky’
  • OPI ‘Red my fortune cookie’
  • OPI ‘Hot & Spicy’
  • OPI ‘Alpine Snow’
  • LA Colours ‘Circuits’

Even though I own a drawer full of nail colours, I still struggle to find the colours I need when I’m trying to do a design. For this design I really needed vibrant saturated colours, but I had to make do with some creams.

How many nail polishes do you own?

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