Sunday, April 15, 2012

More exciting colours from de Leon Cosmetics!

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Following my review for ‘indie’ Australian cosmetics de Leon cosmetics last month, the lovely Gladys said she wanted me to review some more of her lip products. But when the package arrived, it was such a wonderful surprise to find so many treasures in the signature de Leon silver package!

For the sake of keeping this post to a respectable length, I’ll just be talking about the eye shadows this time. De Leon has sent me four colours from their Burlesque collection:

Again, I’m just loving the names for all the colours!


Here are the swatches. As in my previous review, I’m very impressed with the quality of de Leon’s eye shadows! The colours are so wonderfully pigmented and very unique. My favourite is definitely ‘Kitty Kluts’. I mean the name just totally sells me, and it’s such a lovely shade of deep purple! “Coal Miner’s Daughter’ would be a perfect colour to use as a liner.


Here’s my look with Fool’s Gold and Kitty Kluts! Because of my tanned skin tone, a lot of eye shadows with low pigmentation just don’t show up, but De Leon eye shadows are so vibrant and super buildable!


De Leon also sent me a full sized ‘Pot of Colour’ in ‘Indecent Exposure’ in appreciation of my review! In the lovely note accompanying the package, Gladys explained that she chose a colour that would be great for me to wear to the office – how thoughtful!

I thought it would be interesting to show you guys a few close ups of this product as it’s what you would get if you ordered a full sized product (priced at $17.50). The product size is very generous. Even if I used this everyday I could easily get a whole years usage out of it!


The pot itself has a ‘rotating sifter’, somewhat like a herb shaker, so you can control how much product comes out. Quite ingenious. However, I noticed that, as a powder eye shadow, it can get a bit messy.


‘Indecent Exposure’ is a “luminous nude with a golden pink shimmer”. Despite being a very pale colour, it shows up vividly against my skin. It’s a lovely highlighter for brightening up the eyes and is indeed perfect for every day!


For anyone wanting to try out de Leon’s eye shadows, you can now get a sample set of either of their collections. The Burlesque collection, with 16 colours, is only $14! That’s even cheaper than getting a full sized product! Individual samples are still just $1 each!

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