Sunday, April 15, 2012

End of Week Outfit–Stars and Sequins

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I’ve been pushing myself hard with my self-photography sessions recently, taking my time filling up my camera memory card rather than the ‘shoot and run’ job I usually find myself doing! I mean when you don’t have a photographer boyfriend handy, you just have to risk looking like a lunie, posing in front of an unmanned camera in broad daylight!

My favourite spot for photo shoots, and my favourite time to shoot (4:30pm to 5:30pm) just happens to be the neighbourhood’s favourite spot and time for recreation (man are Canberrans fitness obsessed!). I’ve given up taking photos on the walk path due to the crazy high traffic. But now, being a poser in the middle of the field, I can only imagine how I look to passer byers – and in Canberra of all places. Some of the bikers stare so hard it’s a wonder I haven’t caused a bicycle pile up! On the bright side, I’m finding this less distracting these days, and I’m sure the neighbours will get used to it too, soon enough!

I’ve realized that self-photography is a problem solving exercise. There are some big road blocks that some days make you think maybe it’s just not worth the trouble. How do you get yourself in focus and not the big tree behind you? How do you get all of yourself in the frame? How do you make the photos NOT look like you’re a silly git taking pictures of yourself?

Usually when I look back at the photos from the day, I chuck out at leave 80% of them due to various problems, the least of which being bad focus, over/under exposure, undesirable composition, and of course, ugliness! Hens why when I finally come to posting my End of Week Outfit, it’s boiled down to two or three photos. But with this most recent set I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere!



I wore: Sequin cardigan by French Connection; Top from Ally ($5!); Skirt from FELT; Floral wayfarer sunnies from Factorie ($5!); bag from ebay.com; Ankle boots from Rivers.

I think the jury’s out on my new hair cut. I’ve always been told I don’t suit bangs because of my basketball shaped face, but at the last minute at my hair dresser I decided to go for it. I think she did a really good job! Instead of giving me a dead straight fringe, she cut it slightly unevenly and gave it some texture.

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