Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cheap Thrills Thursdays: Dupe for Dolly Wink Sweet Cat!

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Continuing with my series of Dolly Wink dupes from Top Bargain discount stores, this Cheap Thrills Thursday, I look at a very effective dupe of one of the false lashes from the new Dolly Wink Otona Kawaii range, and my favourite, Dolly Wink No.10 Sweet Cat.


Top Bargain is a discount shop that can be found in many malls Australia wide. I understand there are Top Bargain stores in the US as well. It imports a lot of stock that you’d normally find in 100yen stores in Japan, and one of these is cheap false lashes!


This dupe is LouJene No. 06.

LouJene is a low price Japanese cosmetics brand sold at 100 yen stores in Japan. You can have a look at their full range at www.dobest.co.jp, but so far I’ve not found any retailer that sells this outside of Japan. However, Top Bargain imports lashes for this brand to Australia, and sell it for $2.99AUD!

I was surprised to see that all the lashes in this range are quite high quality, and the styles are similar to many popular brands, like Dolly Wink and Diamond Lash. With the cheapest Dolly Wink lashes online being $13AUD for two pairs, LouJene false lashes are a steal!


Taking a closer look, these lashes are quite well designed and made. With super long full lashes towards the outer corners, these are perfect for creating the cat eye look. The spine is super soft and flexible, making it very easy to apply.


Now putting these up against Dolly Wink No.10 Sweet Cat, you can see there are lots of similarities. Both styles are short and sparse on the inner corners, and full and long towards the outer corners. However, Loujene No.06 has a far less gradual transition, and Dolly Wink No.10 looks much softer.


So here’s how each lash looks like on. Put side by side, the look these two lashes creates is quite similar, both effectively elongating the outer edge of the eye, creating the cat eye look. Dolly Wink NO.10 Sweet Cat looks much softer, fuller and more sophisticated, but on the other hand, the Top Bargain lashes look very natural!

What I also love about LouJene no.06 is that, like Dolly Wink No.10, they are so light, and feels so comfortable when worn.


I also wanted to briefly mention a pair of lower lashes from LouJene that is quite similar in design to Dolly Wink No.6 Baby Cute, LouJene No.12.


These have cross over segments broken by straight strands, and go from thin to thick just like Dolly Wink No.6.


However, the design is not as tight as Dolly Wink No.6 and it’s a challenge to cut them in equal sizes!


And here’s how Dolly Wink No.6 looks. Close, but no cigar! But I still think JouLene No.12 looks pretty good for $2.99!!


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