Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday Nail Stuff–Fast and fun kitty emote nails!

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This Monday Nail Stuff I wanted to create an easy-peasy fun design that anyone could whip up in about 10 minutes! I give you: ‘kitty emote nails’!


You just need:

  • Any cute base colour. I’m using OPI ‘I’m not really a waitress’
  • One white colour. I’m using OPI ‘Alpine Snow’
  • One black colour. I’m using L.A. Colours ‘Circuits’
  • One super thin paint brush (on ebay for about $1)

The process is easy:

Step 1: Paint on the base colour

Step 2: Using the thin paint brush, paint brackets in the white colour.


Step 3: On top of the brackets, draw the ears.


Step 4: Fill in the cat face.


Step 5: Paint a black border around the cat face.


Step 6: Paint in the face, any case you want!


Repeat with other nails, different expressions for best results!


Have fun!

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