Saturday, April 28, 2012

Love Vintage Show in Canberra

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While I am no die hard vintage fan, you can’t live in Canberra and not get exposed to vintage culture. The more I get involved in the vintage clothing community, the more I’ve come to understand what it is about vintage that gets people so excited.

This weekend the Love Vintage Show is in Canberra for the first time. I was lucky to have been given a few complementary passes to the show, four of which I gave away to two lucky Canberra readers.


My friend Mel, owner of Librarian Chic, has been instrumental in the publicity for Love Vintage in Canberra, organizing and styling for the feature photoshoot in the Canberra Times Newspaper the previous week. Her shop stocks unique vintage Australian designer pieces sourced from all over the country. Being a fly on a wall during her interview for the Canberra Times, it was clear that she is incredibly passionate about Australian vintage has an impeccable eye for quality and style. She is an absolute asset to the Canberra vintage community. Today she looked totally chic in a gorgeous pink printed and embossed silk two piece.


Another vintage retailer to watch is CaraMiaVintage.com. Founded by ‘fashion historian’, Cara Mia Vintage specialises in luxury vintage. When I say luxury, I’m talking Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and all that old world glamour that made Ms Hepburn and Ms Mansfield look a million bucks in the good old days. While most of the pieces at Cara Mia are very affordable (between $90-$300), they also stock a treasure trove of lavish fashion holy grail worthy pieces that you will want to pass down to your grand children. Sourced from “the cupboards and caches of the world’s most glamorous and chic” all the pieces are exclusive and unique. I also want to mention Cara Mia Vintage’s impressively designed website. The landing page reads like a Vogue editorial!


As for other highlights of the show, Lilli Ann’s decedent designed and impeccably suits suits made multiple appearences, with almost every vendor carrying a piece or two.


There were amazing party dresses in beautiful fabrics…


…and playful day dresses that brought to mind Julie Andrews running through hills in The Sound of Music.


Real fox stoles were somewhat morbid and cute at the same time. Although I feel that these have become quite politically inappropriate, they still connote luxury and indulgence.


Are you a die hard vintage fan, or do you think it’s grandma wear?

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