Saturday, March 10, 2012

March 2012 Fash’n’Treasure event

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It’s been quite some time since I got myself to the Fash’n’Treasure, Canberra vintage clothing event at the Old Bus Depot Markets. They decided to have this even almost every month, which I think is too often. This is clearly reflected in the low turn out of vendors as opposed to previous events. The first Fash’n’Treasure held in Canberra last year was enormous. The market organizers had to open up the top floor off the facility just to fit all the vendors in the shops were all squeezed up against one another. This time even with the vendors spaced out, they didn’t fill out the first floor. The good new is that some of the great vendors like Felt, Material Pleasures and Yumi turned up with their usual amazing range of stock and friendly shop owners.


Speaking of shop owners. I just love finding out their story and checking out their outfits on the day.

This lady owns Yasime Retro Fashion. She recycles vintage lace into dresses, vests and other cute things, and has been doing lace for years before the lace trend hit the high street a few seasons ago. Her items have been featured in Cleo magazine! She also sells online from her facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/Yasime.retro


These two were here representing Felt, a local boutique. I grabbed an amazing knit pullover from these guys. I just love their style! Check out the amazing lemon yellow skirt and the moose pin!


This girl has some amazing style! She was the only seller I’ve ever seen at Canberra Fash’n’Treasure with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Fairlanes!


This man owns Electrovintage on ebay and sells at all the markets around Sydney and Canberra. I loved his eclectic kitch style!


Blythe doll deco – wooo!


I was totally blown away by the stuff he was selling. Check it out:


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