Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cheap Thrills Thursday–Bargains at Priceline for under $10!

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If you follow my twitter, I tweeted last week about Target’s awesome discounts on their beauty products, like 3 for 2 at Napoleon Set, which I took advantage of to pick up three brushes for about $30. Pretty cheap for brushes! And btw this is the first time I’ve used brushes to apply my makeup and I’m hooked. They have improved the quality of my life!

This week I went to Priceline to pick up some antacid and noticed they were also having a huge sale on beauty products. The sale continues until 12 March, so I might go back for some more! Of course before I purchased anything from Priceline, I looked up the price on ebay on my iPhone to make sure I couldn’t get it cheaper online, as is often the case. With Priceline’s discounts, these definitely beat online prices when factoring in shipping!

The entire Garnier range is 40% off! So I picked up two Garnier Miracle Skin Protector BB Cream for $8 each! Btw I’m hearing that this product is somewhat controversial. Many of my friends in the blogsphere tell me they don’t like this product at all. I personally really like it. A review is coming soon!


Sally Hansen was a smaller 20% off, but I figured, as I don’t have any Sally Hansen polishes, this was a good opportunity to expand my nail horizons. I picked up a colour from Sally Hansen’s new GEM crush, which looked divine in the promo poster. Unfortunately this was a huge disappointment. I thought with Sally Hansen’s excellent reputation I couldn’t go wrong, but this product is so difficult to apply and never seems to dry properly.


Finally this is a product that was not under $10, so the title of this post is a tiny lie! I’ve never had the urge to get any of the Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani. I mean I always thought they were pretty cute, but I felt they were overpriced, gimmicky, smelled strange, and that Gwen Stefani is a Japan try hard. But with Priceline’s mark down of the 10mil to $20, I felt that the value finally met the price. Checking ebay, you can actually get the $20 price already online, but factoring shipping, Priceline was still cheaper.

I was planning to pick up the whole collection, but I realized the only smell I didn’t mind was ‘LOVE’. Disappointingly, Priceline did not have Wicked Style collection in 10mil size.


The more I look at this perfume the more I like the cute design and detail.


It’s 10mil though, so about…three squirts? haha


Ok so Priceline’s sale ends by this week! If you’ve been hankering for any drug store brands you better get down there while you can!

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