Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Midweek outfit–mmm curtain fabric blazer!

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If someone said to me, ‘your jacket looks like it was made from curtains’, I’d be like ‘thanks!’. I loved the embroidered pattern on this jacket so much but I bought the skirt and dress in the same fabric >.<


I wore: Necklace by Mimco; Blazer by Review; Jeans by Ksubi; Boots by Diavolina ($40 on sale yay!); Bag from ebay.


You might have noticed that I got a much needed haircut this weekend! My fringe was getting out of control. I don’t have any scheduling as such when it comes to getting hair cuts, and I always end up going to my hairdresser when the situation becomes desperate and I can’t even style it anymore.

I have just one guy who I trust to cut my hair in Canberra, Kelvin from o2 hair on Childer St in Civic. I just don’t know why it’s so hard for any other hair dresser to cut my fringe the way I want! It’s always too thin, too straight or too slanty. All I want is a side swept fringe! It seems most hair dressers don’t understand that a fringe can naturally sweep to the side without having to cut it at an angle. Maybe it’s a more complicated concept than I though. I’ve had a few people at work ask me how I get my fringe to sit to the side. I’m like…it just does!

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