Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Review: Dolly Wink No.10 Sweet Cat

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When I heard of the second set of Dolly Wink false lashes ‘Produced by’ gyaru model Tsubasa Masuwaka, I was both excited and at the same time slightly weary. The new range is aimed at the ‘otona kawaii’ look, possibly translated as ‘mature cute’, which coincides with the recent trend in the gyaru style in Japan. I wondered if the new range could live up to the popularity of the first, with more natural and grown-up styles.

I picked up No.10 ‘Sweet Cat’, as it is the more dramatic looking of the range.


Taking a closer look at the design, you can see it completely deviates from the original Dolly Wink range in its focus looking natural. The strands are fine and closely spaced, with a few super long strands at the ends to give that ‘cat eye’ look.


I have to say that I’m really impressed with how natural these lashes look. However clearly the naturalness doesn’t take away from these lashes’ ability to create big dolly eyes. The contrast with the first Dolly Wink range designs is that ‘Sweet Cat’ is more suited to elongating the eye line rather than create the ‘tare-me’, or doopy eye effect.


While No.10 are not nearly as dramatic as designs like No.1 and No.2, I’m totally in love with it! The look is definitely ‘otona kawaii’ and I think this is a pair of lashes you could wear everyday.

In terms of quality and comfort, No.10 lives up to the Dolly Wink standard we’ve all come to appreciate. They are light and flexible, and feel very comfortable on. In fact these are even easier to apply than the previous Dolly Wink range before of the even softer spine, and closely knitted hair strands that give your eyelash glue more surface area to grip.

As always, I recommend pre-curling your lashes and applying a thick layer of mascara before application. To make the centre strands stand our more, I recommend applying mascara to the falsies after application.



  • Very natural looking, but still delivering the big eyes effect 
  • So light and flexible, so they are easy to apply and feel comfortable on
  • Lashes don’t move along the spine easily, so can potentially last you quite a few applications
  • As high quality and well made as expected from a Dolly Wink product.
  • Durable, so while it is on the expensive side, a pack of two should last you quite some time.


  • As it’s still new, this range isn’t widely available and is generally on the expensive side. I picked mine up for $17 a box from ebay (the original Dolly Wink range is available at www.sasa.com for only $13).
  • Fans of the first Dolly Wink range will not necessarily like the new range, as its focus is shifted to a more natural and grown-up flavour.

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