Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday nail stuff: Cheat like me with nail stamping plates

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For some what of a noob in nail art, metal nail stamping plates sounded to me like the calculus cheat sheet of the nail world: what? create any manner of intricate designs with the nail polishes you already own with no previous nail technician related training required? I was instantly sold. (In reality of course, it turned out the technique needed a little perfecting before I could show you guys the result!)

This little kit of stamper, scraping knife and plates x 2 was sent to me by http://www.bornprettystore.com/.


The basic idea is, apply nail polish over the embossed design;


Scrape excess nail polish off with scraper;


Imprint design onto stamp, and press on to nails!




For this look I used two coats of OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark” as the base base colour, let dry, then used OPI “Pamplona Purple”, a cream colour, for the tip detail!

Some tips I learned about using this tool that may help:

  • Works best with opaque or saturated colours such as any near blacks, reds or pastels.
  • The design will show up best if the colours used contrast well e.g. black x white, blue x yellow
  • Imprint the stamp and apply to nails fast before the nail polish dries on the plate or stamper (this tripped me up every time!)
  • Do this over a magazine as it gets messy
  • Before use, it’s a good idea to clean the stamper with acetone (nail polish remover), as this is really effective in removing lint and dust.

Kits like mine are available from http://www.bornprettystore.com/! They have countless other plate designs and also a huge range of nail art tools and accessories, jewellery, makeup, and now circle lenses – check them out next time you’re looking to stock up on  your nail art supplies on the cheap!

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