Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vivian ‘Pineapple’ 3 Tone Green Lenses

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Having only ever reviewed Geo Medical lenses, I was pleasantly surprised when www.gallover.com sent me a pair of Vivian ‘Pineapple’ 3 Tone Green! 40


Origin: Korea

Brand: Vivian

Water content: 48%

Diameter: 17.2 mm

disposal: 1 year

These are by far the biggest lenses I’ve worn, at 17.2 mm. It’s funny this design is called ‘Pineapple’…they really look like big round (green) pineapple slices – yum!

In indoor light:


In natural light, the halo effect is quite dramatic.


The look of these lenses is quite mature, rather than dolly, so it’s perfect for the ‘otona-kawaii’ look!

The natural design and variation in tones reminds me of Princess Mimi Bambi Apple Green. I’d say the Pineapple 3 Tone is more natural looking, but personally, I like circle lenses better :)




  • Lovely light green colour and natural, intricate design.
  • Incredibly thin and therefore so comfortable to wear.
  • While they are seriously large lenses at 17.5mm, I didn’t have any problems with applying them.


  • As these are not circle lenses, their enlarging effect is not as dramatic.
  • If not completely centred on your iris, these lenses can make your eyes look like they are looking in different directions!

Oh, and some good news – Gallover.com is having a 3 for the price of 2 Christmas sale!


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