Monday, December 12, 2011

Dressing for Canberra weather is an art

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On Saturday I wore short shorts and a singlet. Because the sun was scorching hot all through the day. On Sunday, I wore a long sleeve flannelette dress and jeans. Because of the wind and thunderstorms.

I find myself checking the weather every single morning, to know what is appropriate to wear on any given day. I guess one thing about dressing for Canberra is that you can almost wear anything in your wardrobe on any day of the year – trench coats in January, for example (mid summer in Australia). The down side is that my swimming pool, which takes up my boyfriend’s precious hours everyday to keep swimmable, is only used for about two weeks out of the year!


Last weekend I finally got myself up early enough on a Sunday (10am) to go to the little flea market in the next suburb. I had half hoped there would be thrifting to be done, but I never expected the haul I picked up. For $8 I bought three tops, a dress and a pair of shoes! To think someone would be so desperate to get rid of something that someone else would totally want~ ‘Cost and worth are very different things



Wearing: Top by Vera Moda, Thrifted for $2; Lace vest from ebay; Bag from Saba; Jeans by Ksubi; Vivienne Westwood Anglomania pumps from Melissa

I’m thinking of selling my Melissa x VW pumps. My ex-boyfriend bought them for me last Christmas – on my ‘recommendation’. I’m not the type to burn all the gifts after a relationship ends. Beautiful things like shoes or jewellery don’t become ugly just because the person who gifted them left. It’s not their fault after all. But as much as I vote ‘yes’ for plastic shoes, these pumps are so much like Barbie shoes that I feel like I’d have to remove three of my ribs to do them justice!

Anyone interested in these shoes? I’m officially taking expressions of interest ^^

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