Friday, September 16, 2011

Tutorial–Ayumi Hamasaki inspired makeup look

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I’ve always loved Ayu’s makeup. I decided to do a makeup look inspired by her photos on the cover of her 2007 album Best 2 Black. Just a warning though, Ayu’s look isn’t for everyone – it certainly isn’t for me! But it’s still a lot of fun recreating it! The key to this look is very black eyeliner drawn close to the eye, and natural but super long false upper and lower lashes.


First is eyebrows. You want them defined and lightened brows. I used Kose Cosmagic Visual Upbrow and a brown eyeliner.


Next is eye shadow and eyeliner. You don’t need much eye shadow as this look is mostly about the defined lines. Just use a mid tone to contour under your eye socket bone. Then with a black eyeliner, line all around your eye, creating a long wing on the outer edge. Make sure the eyeliner is very close. With a white liner, highlight your tear line.


Then apply a lengthening mascara. You want super long lashes for this look.


Apply natural false lower lashes at the base of your own lashes. Try to get them as close as you can. I’m using Dolly Wink No.8 Pure Little.


Ayu’s upper lashes are feathery on the inner corners and voluminous on the outer corners. So first apply feathery natural looking upper false lashes, then cut the end off thick false lashes, layering this over the top.


Finally, get nude lips by applying concealer to your lips and then topping off with a super shiny lip gloss.


And there you have it. Like I said, this look is probably too ‘rock’ for me, but it’s fun to do!


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