Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Outfit of the day/Replica or the real thing?

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Wearing: Cutout dress from Minkpink; Shorts from JayJays; Boots: Jeffrey Cambell Lita


Shoes. That just says it all.

Stalking for more Jeffery Campbell shoes on ebay, I’m discovering how many ‘Jeffrey Campbell Replicas’ there are out there. I can’t get my head around this concept at all. First of all, Jeffrey Campbell isn’t all that original. Many of their styles are ‘inspired’ by the catwalk anyway. What’s more, Jeffrey Campbell shoes are pretty reasonably priced, at between $100 and $200. I’d be over the moon if half the brands I like sold shoes in that price range.. So if you’re going to spend $80 for a replica that’s probably poor quality, why not spend a bit more for the real thing?

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