Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Obento day photo spam

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By way of a little break from the fashion a beauty, please indulge me in another non-fashion related photo spam.


Sunday was designated Obento day at Canberra-Nara Peace park, and the first time my friend Serra tried out her new Nikon D90 DSLR!


Amazing obento Serra made for our picnic!


True to Canberra weather, it was a cloudy 13 degrees Spring day. We sat in the park for as long as we could take the freezing wind and miscellaneous debris blowing in our tea and took the picnic back to my living room.


Which was just as well because then my kitty Maris was able to join in too!


We shared the food with my housemates, who discovered some new and wonderful ways to use chopsticks…


This cute ice-cream candy Serra brought was so cute I had to take a close up :)


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