Saturday, September 17, 2011

Review–Princess Mimi Café Series–Café Latte Brown

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Being quite a conservative circle lens wearer, I was yet to venture into the realm of novelty lens designs. The Princess Mimi Café series is probably quite a tame choice. While being ingeniously based on various café themes, the series is still aimed to look rather natural, coming in various tones of plausible eye colours of grey, brown and…red? I decided to try the Princess Mimi Café Latte, as it is the lightest brown of the series.




Just before I go into a detailed review of these lenses, I should give a mention to the lovely people at EyecadyLens.com, who sponsored this review. Even though I wasn’t a paying customer, their communication was excellent, keeping me updated at all times about shipping etc. The indicative arrival date was within 10-17 business days. The package arrived 8 days after their email :). The free contact lens case is much appreciated!


Now to the lenses. Like other Princess Mimi lenses, the design of the Café latte is intricate and very pretty. The pigment is semi translucent. I really wish they were opaque like the Bambi series so that they would show up more dramatically. But you know what? These really look like two cups of café latte!


To demonstrate, I asked my boyfriend to make me a café latte :). 



  • Colour: Yellow-Brown
  • Size: 15.0mm
  • Water content: 38% - 42%
  • Usage: 1 year disposable

So here’s how the lens looks in indoor light. Because this is a very translucent lens, and I have very black eyes, the design unfortunately doesn’t show up that clearly. In fact I think the effect is very similar to Geo Super Nudy Brown.


Because the lens is translucent, you’ll get the much sought after ‘halo effect’, where the lens overshoots your iris.


And here’s how the lenses look in natural light. The design shows up much better, and look almost sparkly.


In terms of comfort, I always make sure I’ve worn the lenses a few time before writing a review. I had a similar experience with these lenses as with the Mimi Sesame Grey. The first time I put these on they were really uncomfortable, and made my eyes feel very dry. However, the next day when I tried to wear this again, it was perfect. I wore them for about 6 hours and even forgot they were there. However each other time I’ve worn these the degree of comfort really varied! I’m not sure why this is the case with the Princess Mimi lenses.


  • Very pretty design – makes your eyes look sparkly
  • Still quite natural looking
  • At 15.0mm, great enlarging effect
  • Generally comfortable


  • Transparent, so the design doesn’t show up against dark eyes. Then again, you can’t really see the design on the model in the promo pic, so it’s possible this was the intended effect
  • Not as comfortable as other lenses I have tried

Over all, I think this is a really fun lens ideal for both those who like novel designs and those who just want a natural looking brown lens.

You can buy this lens and many many others at eyecandylens.com. Use promo code “CLOSETVOYAGE” for a free gift with your purchase!

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