Sunday, September 18, 2011

Outfit of the day–no fear of birds

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I’ve always shad a thing for birds. To me they epitomize everything pleasant and beautiful in the world – flight; freedom; beauty; music; innocence.... So I find myself collecting things with bird motifs. I feel like they say a lot about me, or at least my aesthetic. 



Wearing: Scarf from Sportsgirl; Top and shirt – Thrifted; Shorts from JayJay’s, Bag from Typo, Mimco Tatto Brogues

Earlier this week my favourite Futurama episode was on tv, Band-aid. That’s the one where Bender teams up with Beck and tour the world, with Fry and the rest of the gang following Bender’s band around the world in a shag van, living up the 60’s groupie lifestyle. I know it’s lame (!) but this outfit is inspired by that episode!

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