Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review–Licca Eyelashes: Sweet type

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I love reviewing obscure products that I’ve never heard of before. When I saw this for sale from my favourite Ebay seller, alphabeautyuk, I just couldn’t resist.

Licca-chan enjoys the same popularity in Japan’s as Barbie in western countries. She’s been around since the 1960’s and is a cult Japanese toy. Recently they even came out with a hugely popular arcade came. But I never heard about Licca-chan coming out with her own makeup range. As far as I know, she only has out a range of false eyelashes.




You get one pair of lashes and an ‘eyelash case’, which is just a pretty generic sliding tin box that usually packages mints.


The eyelash case is actually the main reason I bought this product. The super cute design really sucked me in. Actually when choosing which lash design to get, I just chose the eyelash case design I like best.

While it’s a good size for keeping lashes, due to this case not being air tight by any means, you couldn’t keep any small lashes in this, as they would just fall through the cap between the case and the lid. I’m currently using this tin to hold hair clips!


I bought these lashes on a whim, and I just assumed they would be cheap and horrible. But the appearance of this falsie is very deceiving. On first inspection of the lashes in the packaging, it looks like a pretty generic plastic mold type like other cheap lashes. But when I removed the lashes from the package, I was really surprised how flexible the spine was. Applying this eyelash was so easy because of this. When I removed the lashes later, I had a closer look and realized that this wasn’t a mold type at all. There are actually individual clumps mounted on a clear resin base, very similar to the way Dolly Wink No.6 ‘Baby Cute’ is mounted.


So how do they look?

Fricken fantastic! I actually really love these lashes. They allow you to effortlessly create the long defined lash look. The effect is probably similar to Dolly Wink No.1, but I would go so far as to say that Licca Eyelash Sweet is better.



  • Attractive design, great for achieving the long defined lashes look
  • Spine is extremely flexible, making application extremely easy.
  • Light weight and very comfortable when on
  • Due to the way the fibers are mounted, this is quite a durable eyelash. The individual clumps don’t move at all, and are firmly secured.
  • While quality is not as high as other leading brands, they look fantastic on.


  • Only comes with one pair, so possibly not great value at $10.95 each.
  • ‘Eyelash case’, though very cute, is not very suitable for carrying lashes, which just fall out through the gaps.
  • The quality is not as high as other leading brands. The fibers are synthetic and tends to look plastic-y.
  • Not aimed at creating volume

I’m looking forward to trying the other styles in this range!

You can buy these from ebay here. So far I haven’t seen these sold anywhere else.

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