Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tutorial: Kitten eyes makeup look

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Yes, ‘kitten eyes’ not ‘cat eyes’! This look is all about making your eyes look big, round and and lower set on your face…so I guess you could say these are the the opposite to the cat eyes look,.


…kind of like my cat Maris when she was a little girl!


Step 1: Start off with a flawless base. Today I used Skin 79 Super BB Cream to even out my skin tone and Clinic concealer to cover up blemishes and my baggy bags.


Step 2: Define the upper and lower lids of your eyes using a midtown brown eye shadow. I’m using a Clarins palette which includes four gradation tones. On the inside edge, brush on shimmery light eye shadow or highlighter. No eyeliner for this look.



Step 3: Line the tear line of your eye with white or shimmer eyeliner. This will create the illusion that the white of your eye extends all the way to your lash line.


Step 4: Pack on mascara on your lower lashes, as heavy lower lashes is important for this look. I’m using Clinique High Impact mascara. My lower lashes are almost non-existent, so I spend an extra long time on this step.


Step 5: Apply false upper and lower eyelashes. Use a natural rather than dramatic false lashe for the top (like Melliesh No 1 Doll) and clumpy lower lashes on the bottom (like Dolly Wink No.6). The aim is to downplay the top line of your eyes and emphasize the bottom line. You can also ‘make’ your own clumpy lower lashes but cutting up some cheap false lashes (more on this later!).



Step 6: Final touches. To accentuate this innocent look, create thick, straight eyebrows. I used Cosmagic UpBrow and a brown eyeliner.


For lips, use a pink lip colour and top with a bucket load of high shine lip gloss. I love Mor Lip Marchmallow as it is super glossy.


This is a great look for cosplay or lolita, but for me this is great for everyday.


A lot of my followers have commented that they are embarrassed to wear this kind of look out during the day because of how dramatic it looks. I don’t really think it’s all that dramatic. Maybe I’ve become desensitized because I do it so often. All I can suggest is, test the waters and see for yourself. If you get a lot of unpleasant stares, maybe the look is too dramatic. Personally I haven’t had this experience, and I live in a pretty fashion-conservative little town!



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