Thursday, September 1, 2011

Canberra or Kyoto?

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When I lived in Japan two years ago, I saw the most amazing Sakura blossoms in Okayama, where ancient Sakura trees cling to the mountain sides, inexplicably suspended at unlikely angles over Okayama River, with their branches slightly dipping in the water. The long winding roads are lined with Sakura trees, and there are so many petals on the grounds after the fall that you can’t see the bitumen anymore. As you walk in them, they flutter up into the air.

Canberra is the sister city of Nara, and there is a tiny Japanese style park—Canberra Nara Peace Park in Lennox Gardens— dedicated that that relationship near the city centre. It’s quite an unimpressive location most times of the year, but in spring, the Sakura trees blossom, and you could swear you were in Japan.



I picked up this racer back tuxedo style singlet from Material Pleasures a really long time ago. I always thought it looked too symmetrical so I tied it to one end to make it look a little draped. The black jeans is another cheap buy I picked up from Korean chain store ‘Koom’ recently for only $10. I used to shun cheap chain stores so much because of the flimsy quality and the unflattering tailoring, but for something like chiffon shirts and denim, it seems Koom always does it right.


My new favourite item is my Jeffery Cambpell Suede Mariel Wedges. I don’t know what it is about this shoe, but I was immediately drawn to it the first time I laid eyes on them. They are so comfortable too. Because of the tall platform, you don’t really feel like you’re wearing high heels, but then you realize the world is smaller by about 20cm!


I feel a bit embarrassed wearing high heeled shoes/wedges because most of the people I know either never wear heels, so I feel too dressed up, or they are shorter than me, and I look out of place. My housemate, Miheer, thinks high heels are the most ridiculous thing, and swears he has not seen a single girl who can walk in them properly without hobbling all over the place. I have to say I agree, but what we sacrifice for fashion – that’s ancient history.


Big ‘thank you’ to my lovely boyfriend for taking photos with me as of late! I’ve dabbled with taking outfit photos on my own with a tripod and timer, but it’s just so difficult, nay, impossible, to do this outdoors. So I’ve begged him to help me out each time.

Anyone else struggling with this?

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  1. I love your wedges and your outfit! The blossom looks so gorgeous, as do the pictures!




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