Monday, August 29, 2011

Melbourne photo spam~

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I originally bought a digital SLR to take photos for my blog, but the world of photography eventually sucked me in, and I started taking photos just for the sake of taking photos. For some reason I love taking photos of people I know. I love capturing the moments and expressions that truly express their personalities. I took quite a few photos in Melbourne that were not blog related, and here they are, a brief spam in a blog moment – I hope you’ll forgive me for indulging in it.

No makeup outside the Lindt Cafe

DJ or Gamer?

To me this photo is Melbourne. The city is filled with pleasant little corners where you can stop, sit, and contemplate. Or make make bookings for a tattoo artist at short notice!

Out of focus photos can be quite pretty.

Penguins at the Aquarium646567
Yes, they appear to be holding hands and kissing…

The hilarious guy at ‘Lord of the Fries’

The ‘Lord of the Fries’ himself

Look closer…
Not at Aimee Winehouse;72
At the dog on on his scooter!


Wonderful things.

See a photo of someone; feel like you know them.


  1. Whilst suffering a spell of insomnia, I thought I would browse your lovely blog page. I just wanted to say that you're a brilliant photographer. I really enjoyed looking at every single picture. Each picture certainly convey more than a thousand words. those random pics of Melbourne and the penguin diving into the water are my fav. Very well taken shots Chococcuro! I'm very impressed.


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