Saturday, August 13, 2011

Colour denim makes a comeback…again!

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Remember when your mum tried to make you wear clothes from the 80’s, saying‘things always come back into fashion’, and you just laughed, thinking there’s no way your mum could know anything about fashion? Then when you get to my age, and the things that you were embarrassed to wear when you were 13 suddenly start appearing in every fashion magazine?

When I was about 13, my mum made me wear a pair of lime green skinny jeans. I was mortified, and even my friends laughed at me. Not only were coloured pants unheard of, but as some of my older readers might remember, the socially acceptable jean silhouette at the time was ‘flare’!

I’d love to get my hands on those jeans now though…


Actually the colour denim has tried for a few seasons now to make its come back, but it never seemed to catch on in a big way. This time, all the popular retailers are rallying behind this trend. Personally I’ll just wear what ever looks good, and I think colour jeans look great.

When I was browsing a charity store last week, this blue jean caught my eye. I’m naturally adverse to skinny jeans because they never fit over my chunky thighs and calves. So when I actually managed to pull these on in the change room, I knew I had to have them – for only $7? Sold. They are actually slightly aquamarine in real life.


I picked up this cheap belt on my trip with my boyfriend at the Gold Coast last year. The acrylic material has already begun to crack, but I figure I’ll make the horse 'buckle’ into a necklace or something when it finally dies! I hoard items with motifs I feel are very ‘me’, and this horse design is inexplicably one of them.


So what do you think, colour denim, yes or no?


  1. Absolutely to colour denim. The blue is electrifying. I have one in Orange red but I think your blue pair looks nicer......When I was a teenager, I had a favourite army pattern green colored denim. Back then I wore it every single week but looking back, I think its hedious


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