Friday, August 12, 2011

But I can see where your legs are!

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I used to be a huge fan of Terry Patchet and the Discworld series. I don’t remember which book this appears in, but there was a scene when three witches ‘go abroad’ and the young witch decides to wear trousers. The older witch is horrified by this (due to the book being loosely based in medieval times), but the young witch thinks there’s nothing wrong with it as the trousers cover up her legs just as much as a dress. To which the older witch responds ‘but I can see where they are!’. I don’t know why but I found this totally hilarious~  Anyway this photo reminded me of that scene *snigger*


I love the quirky details on this shirt (thrifted), like the incoherent Kanji-esque embroidering on the pocket, abrupt red chain stitching on the sleeves and the unusual cut of the cuffs. They’re details that probably wouldn’t pop out at other people, but I kind of like the idea of keeping these just ‘between my outfit at me’. The maxi skirt is the one I picked up for only $10 at a Chicabooti sale in my visit to Perth. It’s the only thing I ever bought from that store, as I’ve always felt so disorientated by the immense amount of stock in chain stores! I wasn’t a fan of the fold design on the waist, but otherwise I really liked how it was slightly heavy, so that it slinks when you move.

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