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Melliesh False Eyelashes No.1–Doll

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For those who have just joined us, let me first explain a little bit about Japanese false eyelashes. Generally in the beauty blogsphere, it’s generally considered that Japanese made (drug store) false lashes are superior to western false lashes due to their high quality, wide range of fun and specialized designs and because they are generally more successful than western lashes in creating an intended look.

Among the mainstream Japanese false lashes at the moment, the Melliesh range is probably one of the least talked about, totally overshadowed by other brands like Dolly Wink, Diamondlash and Eyemazing. One of the reasons could be that most of the lashes in this line are aimed at giving a very natural look, when most of the gyaru community are looking for something more dramatic.


Pop-teen/Pop-sister model Kanno Yui produced the designs in this line, and the looks are very much suited to her, so-called, ‘baby face’ look. But lets face it, Yui-chan has that natural born-with beauty that most of the other Pop-teen models don’t have, and she can get away with it.

While I always thought I would like to try the other more hyped up lash brands before I tried Melliesh, I became more curious about this line because Yui-chan herself seems to genuinely love it. Although it could be a term of her endorsement contract with Melliesh, Yui seems to sport their lashes in every photo shoot, and in those ‘what do our models use’ articles, at least half of Yui’s ‘personal products’ are Melliesh. She appears to be wearing them in the photo below.


Enough talk. On to the review!


Melliesh lashes come in pretty standard Japanese drug store cosmetic packaging. The blurb promises that these lashes are very natural looking. I was a bit surprised that the package says the lashes are made of human hair. I don’t really know how to feel about this, but the product makes this out to be a good thing haha.




You get two pairs of lashes and quite detailed instructions. It’s important to note that these lashes do not come with eyelash glue. While the instructions say you should cut them to fit, I don’t suggest you cut these at all, because I think they are already the perfect width for extending the eye line.


The lashes are attached in alternating single and multiple clumps on a super thin transparent spine, and end in definite points. The objective is to give very well defined lashes, while maintaining a voluminous feel. The lashes also come perfectly curled.

When applied, the transparent spine is unnoticeable and the false lashes blend perfectly with your real lashes. The look really is very natural.


I never thought I’d say this, but these are my favourite lashes to date, and I prefer them over Dolly Wink No.2 (my previous favourite). Something I didn’t expect from these lashes is how great they are at helping to define the top line of your eye.




  • High quality and well designed, made with human hair
  • Extremely natural looking
  • The spine is not too flexible and keeps its curve, so it’s super easy to apply
  • Cheaper alternative to other brands at about $10USD for a set of two (priced at 945 yen retail in Japan)
  • Natural enough for everyday, or even work


  • Possibly too natural looking, for those who are after a more dramatic look
  • Does not come with eyelash glue, so you may have to buy glue separately (I recommend Dolly Wink)

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