Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcome to the Island of Rainbows

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When anyone asks me what’s the best place to visit in Perth, I always tell them, Rotnest Island. It’s hidden treasure full of pristine natural beauty. I’ve always known the island to be famous for it’s beautiful secluded beaches and a little critter called Quakkas that are not found anywhere else on the earth, but I never knew it would be an island of rainbows :)


I’ve never seen such vibrant rainbows. These photos don’t even do the real thing justice. Especially in the second photo, where the rainbow was beautifully reflected in the still waters of this lake.


I couldn’t show you Rotnest Island without showing you the beautiful ocean…


And of course the Quokkas!


They are protected under the law on the island, so they’ve learned to have no fear of humans. In the main ‘settlement’, they run between people’s feet scurrying for crumbs, and even used to run into the general store before they installed some quokka proof flaps on the doors! While feeding them is against the law, it’s obvious everyone does because as soon as you put your hand out, the cute little creature will run right up to you.



We saw so many quokka’s that day because it was overcast, but when the sun came out they got very sleepy and started falling asleep right out in the open. Quokkas also seem to mate for life. We saw so many of them huddled up in pairs like a married couple.



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