Saturday, July 30, 2011

Girls have more fun :)

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On the Thursday of my Perth trip, Maria came over to my house for a girly night in (Serra was staying at my house all week)! There was a lot of snacks and nail painting :D


I used Nars ‘Saratoga’ for Maria, because she wanted a red nail polish to go with her all red outfit for her Hen’s AAAADB5_5B0AAAAAAL2ekAnight! ‘Saratoga’ is a beautiful rich red with fine glitter all throughout. It reminds me of China Glaze ‘Ruby Slippers’, but much more sophisticated, and very long lasting!

Actually this is the first Nars nail polish I ever used and I’m really impressed. Mine was a part of the gifts from my amazing neighbour a few months ago.


Woohoo Asian snacks!!!69

If you like Bubble Tea, then you MUST try Utopia~ As far as I’m aware, it’s exclusive to Perth. When I was younger, Utopia used to have a tiny little store in Northbridge. In the years, they branched out into a huge restaurant and Karaoke complex and now can be found at at least 3 locations in the city.


The Myaree Utopia really is a…Utopia~ They have kawaii cakes and breads on the first floor, and upstairs is all karaoke.


So then the next morning we decided to make obento and have a picnic at Kings Park. Serra and Maria woke up early and cooked up all the ingredients. We made egg omlette rolls, sauté beef, kimpira carrot, steamed vegetables and fried dumplings my mum made. 


Serra showed us how to pack the ingredients really tight and to make it look pretty!


She says she makes herself an Obento like this every single day! She showed us how easy it is when you know what you’re doing~


Then to spice up the rice, she made a ‘!’ with carrots!


And now a double tier bento~


Unfortunately, it rained that day so we decided to eat by the warm fire instead!


Then Maria surprised us with bridesmaid’s gifts!! She gave each of us pink pearl necklaces with a carved coral rose pendant ~ so pretty!!


Certificate of authenticity~


Luperla is a really popular Taiwanese designer. I’m their newest fan!


Do you get to spend some quality time with girl friends once in a while?

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