Sunday, July 31, 2011

Maria’s Retro Hens Night

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The final item on my itinerary in Perth was Maria’s Hens night! The night started out with burlesque dancing classes at Maria’s friends house, then dinner and bar hopping. The theme was 50’s glam!

Maria’s makeup was by me~

25 Before:



We used: Napoleon Perdis four tone eye shadow palette (I gave this to Maria for her birthday in a set with blush and lipg loss. I now wish I got one for myself, the eye shadow is amazing!); Kiss me black eye liner; Dolly Wink No.2 and No.8 false lashes.

Maria has such pretty big eyes, she looks like she’s always wearing circle lenses : O


And her outfit~ She had her heart set on dressing in all red. She looked so hot! I think the red contrasted so well with her long black hair.

She wore a pretty jersey dress from Review, my current favourite label!


I really didn’t have much that fit in the theme, but I threw something together at the last minute. Somehow I ended up dress in in all white.

I wore: top: American Apparel; Fur coat and bag: My mother’s wardrobe; leather gloves: gifted; belt and skirt: Forever New; Shoes: Review.


Far right is Shoshanna, Maria’s Maid of Honour. We all went to Law school together, but I never got to know Shosh well until that night. She’s so nice~


Our host for the burlesque night in the centre.


Group shot~ Maria has so many interesting friends. I got to talk to most of them and they are all so nice! (Because I’m always playing photographer, I never appear in any of the photos! >.<)


Dinner and yummy Margaritas! On the left is Maria’s friend Sam. Actually she went on JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme) in the same year as me and she’s also friends with my friend Casey – it’s such a small world! She’s so pretty~~ everyone was commenting on her hair and asking her how she did it.


Champagne after dinner!


The casualty of the night was this pearl motif hair barrette Serra lent me…it must have fell out of my hair at some stage :(. I will have to buy her a new one as soon as possible. I hope the store she bought it from still has some in stock!


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