Monday, August 1, 2011

Geo Super Nudy Brown vs Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

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For those who just joined us, let me first explain what ‘Circle Lenses’ are. Originally circle lenses were so called because they were simply clear contact lenses with a black ring design. The ring was a wider diameter than a person’s iris, so that it both defined the iris and made it appear larger. This has an enlarging effect particularly on Asian eyes. Now circle lens refers to all lenses that are aimed at enlarging the eye, and come in many designs and colours. These lenses are considered to be staples of both the Japanese Gyaru and Korean Ulzzang styles.

Geo Super Nudy Brown were the first contact lenses I ever bought. I saw the sample pics on the website I bought them from and really thought they would look very natural. Unfortunately I’d have to say these were the most unnatural looking lenses I’ve ever used. Not only is the design very digital looking and jigzaggy, but the colour is more yellow than it is brown. When my boyfriend saw them he even said they reminded him of reptile eyes orz…

So these found a home at the bottom of a box! But once in a while I try to dig out products I dismissed and give them another try.


Over all they don’t look that bad, and have a very nice enlarging effect.


Also due to these lenses being some what transparent, they will give you the ‘halo effect’, which is the appearance of a translucent ring where the lens overshoots your real iris. 


The sample pic that sold me…I have to say, mine look nothing like this!!


Comparing these to my current favourite brown lenses, Princess Mimi Chocolate brown, I think the Princess Mimi design looks more ‘eye-like’. But I’ve also read reviews where others have said they think the Princess Mimi design is unnatural looking.


Super Nudy Brown6

Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown


Either way I guess it’s unlikely for any colour contacts to look completely natural on Asian people, so maybe I should just accept facts!

Which do you prefer?


  1. Are those supernudy bigger than Geo Bambi?

  2. Hi, the Bambi Princess Mimi (15.0mm) are slightly bigger than Supernudy (14.80mm), but to me there isn't much difference :) I hope that helps!


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