Thursday, July 21, 2011

Perth is great for shopping!

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Wearing: Jacket: Ojay | Dress: Subtitled from General Pants Co. | Leather Gloves : Gifted | Bag: Vintage | Shoes: Mimco

This time visiting Perth, I did something I never did before – make an itinerary! Tuesday was shopping in the City and then meeting with my old buddy Malcolm. Perth shopping is really awesome! Forever New was 40% of the price of all sale items! I picked up a skirt, dress, belt and tights for only $50. Then Diva was having an everything under $5 sale, and I picked up a few things, including this usamimi! I’ll post a haul soon.


My good friend Malcolm is a fellow lawyer, but he’s also a budding recording artist! He has some amazing equipment, and does all the vocals and backing himself! Last time I was over we recorded me singing ‘Flying Without Wings’ with his backing late into the night. It was so much fun! The recording was ruined before I kept on laughing in the middle…

Malcomlm is now working on his debut single, with his vocals. I can’t wait till he’s finished it. So far it’s sounding really amazing.


I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reply to all your comments recently, as I’ve had so little time to blog. I did notice that a few of my readers are from Perth too!! Have you been to the sales, and what did you buy??

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