Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My everyday makeup

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When I’m on holidays in Perth, it’s one of the only times where I wear makeup every single day. Usually I only wear makeup on the weekends and during work days I don’t wear makeup at all (gasp!). Then on the weekends, because I have time to have some fun with makeup, I usually go all out, and go for a full gyaru look.

This week though I toned down the look for the sake of sending less time in the bathroom and more time catching with my friends!


Saturday night


My mum has been trying to talk me out of wearing my false lashes, so on Sunday, when I went shopping with her, I went without, but caked on the mascara! I don’t mind the bared-lashed look, but it’s definitely a bit more Ulzzang in flavour.

My everyday makeup routine:

  1. Base + foundation (no concealer)+ blush
  2. Eyebrow mascara
  3. Eye shadow + eyeliner
  4. False upper lashes (no lower lashes)

Depending on how much luck I have applying my false lashes, this routine can take between 10-30minutes. Still when I have time I like to do everything meticulously, because I feel like being seeing me with streaky or uneven makeup is worse than being bare faced.

So what’s your makeup routine, and how long does it take you?

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