Friday, June 24, 2011

Extra! Extra!–Eyemazing x Zipper Amo-chan Produce eyelashes!!

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Once in a while I get wind of something that is so EXCITING that I just HAVE to blog about it immediately!

I stayed at work late as usual (till 8pm D:). Getting home, all I was thinking about was eating some leftovers and vegetate with some light browsing and gaming. But then I saw that AMO-chan tagged me in facebook pictures of her newly released AMOxPastel Eyemazing x Zipper false lashes!!

I’ve always wanted to get my hands on Eyemazing lashes, but now I’m in completely over the top ‘gotta have it’ mode!


Pic by AMO-chan

Each Zipper model has released their own unique lashes, and AMO-chan has produced these:

Type-A: Full and long to extend the eyeline – the description says these are perfect for creating Hime-eye (Princess eye).

tsukema_syousai_801 (1)


Type-B: Shorter than usual and says it’s recommended for ‘point application for making AMO-face ta re me!

tsukema_syousai_802 (1)

AMO-chan modeling these lashes – yup. I’m sold!!photo_amo_p_01

As all things that AMO is associated with – these have a unique twist – the lashes are coloured pink-brown! I personally need my lashes to be dark, and I’d probably lace these with black mascara, but A++ for the natural dolly look!

Btw don’t you LOVE AMO’s hair colour right now? I think I might go get my hair died this colour…but I’m afraid she’ll think I’m a copy cat!

These are being sold on the Eyemazing website. I doubt they ship overseas…but I’ll get these some how!!

My other favs from this new collection are:

Una’s 80’s Disco:


Midori’s French Cat:


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