Thursday, June 23, 2011

All about gifts + change to www.closetvoyage.com

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First I just want to let all my fellow bloggers and followers know that my blog’s address is now:


I’ve decided to get a custom domain name as soon as possible so I don’t run into too many issues with broken links and loss of search engine ranking etc etc.

Next lets talk about gifts.

I’m the kind of person who absolutely cherishes gifts from friends. To me, they are the things that can remind me on a bad day that there are people around me who love and appreciate me! I cherish my gifts, no matter how trivial or impractical.

My recent gifts: Let me model them for you!

First are the presents Serra bought me back from her trip to Singapore. With all the rushing around seeing all there is to see, doing all there is to do, I was so touched she found the time to buy not one, but three presents just for me!

I love these Forever21 boho-chic earrings! I wore them in this post.


I love this clutch! It’s elegant and simple. It’s so nice of her to pick this out for me, as I currently don’t have a clutch of any description!


This key ring was not something she picked up from Singapore, but is one of the gorgeous jewelry pieces her sister Kerrie, who has her own jewelry making business! I love all the subtle details.


Kerrie’s business card – contact her if you would like pieces like this one!


Serra also bought me this cute blue top! I’ve tried some different coordinations~


Lol Maris always wants to get involved. Look how big she’s grown!!


As if all that isn't enough, she also gave me this phone strap she made herself a while ago, but didn't get a chance to give it to me! She put so much thought into including all the kinds of things that I liked, like the heart and key motifs!


Next is Maria’s late birthday present to me: a Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom hand cream and body butter. These smell SO GOOD. I use them every few minutes now just to smell the scent! I always thought Body Shop was overpriced and unoriginal…but I’m starting to see it’s charm!


If anyone is thinking of buying me an early Christmas present, I have my eye set on this Bubble Hippo!! Sooo cute! It’s dumpy and blows bubbles out of its mouth! >_________<


Today was a special day for my housemate, Miheer~ He’s been doing his Master’s and has finally finished his bigass Thesis!! He’s been working so hard the past couple of weeks, and barely had time to eat and sleep. I’m so happy for him!! Now that he’s free we’ll be planning a ski trip to celebrate.


While I’m on the topic of ‘gifts’, Marion-chan from Forest Doll has a gift for her followers – her ‘Forest Giveaway’!

forest giveaway

I’ve already entered! Please enter too!!

I’ve been chatting with people today about buying beauty products online. How appropriate that I was reminded, on my visit to K-Mart late tonight to pick up emergency kitty litter, why I don’t think Dolly Wink eyelashes for $13 is expensive at all:


And why I buy my salon quality nail products online for a fraction of this price:


I’ve been tagged for a few awards recently by my lovely fellow bloggers, but I’ve been working so late lately that I haven’t had a time to blog about it properly. This is my first proper post since this weekend! I will sure to make a proper post about the awards very soon!

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