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ClosetVoyage False Eyelash Application Tutorial

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Recently a few of my friends have asking me to do a tutorial on applying false eyelashes. My reply has always been the same: I am no expert! Eyelash application is very tricky – I know, and I understand your frustration!! The first time I tried to put them on I struggled for a whole HOUR and sacrificed many a precious (real) eyelash. Also, the first time I did it it didn’t look good at all! The lash didn’t curve with my eye line…the edges were kinking up…and they were falling out after half an hour after application. Each time I’ve applied them though, I’ve gotten better. So my advice to you is, it just takes a lot of practice! It’s ok if you make a mistake, just take them off and try again :)

Everyone does this differently, and this is just the way I have found works for me.

I wish I could have made a video tutorial, but I haven’t got the equipment at the moment, so I hope you are able to follow my picture tute!

Step 1: Equipment

You will need:

  • False eyelashes
  • Eyelash glue
  • Wide tip tweezers
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner

Make sure you use good quality equipment. BUY GOOD QUALITY LASHES! Cheap lashes with stiff spines won’t bend properly and will be a nightmare to apply.

Also dollywinkgluethe glue that usually comes with cheaper lashes are complete BS. They take ages to dry and have very little adhesive strength.

The Dolly Wink eyelash glue that comes with those lashes are amazing. It dries quickly and stays on all day (it’s actually a bit hard to get them off afterwards!). It also dries clear so it’s not at all noticeable when dry! You can also buy it separately, but personally I haven’t even used up the one that came with my lashes.

Dolly Wink lashes are VERY easy to apply because of their super thin and flexible spine. Today I’m using Dolly Wink No.2 Sweet Girly.

dolly wink no2 sweet girly

Step 2: Apply Eye Makeup

Finish everything else you need to with your eye makeup first, especially eyeliner. Dark eyeliner will help the root of the false eyelashes blend in with the rest of your lashes.

For people with very sparse and fine lashes (like me), putting on mascara first gives false lashes more to grab on to. Make sure to put mascara on the the inside lashes, because they tend to be the most fine.

eye lash tutorial00

Step 3: Prepare lashes

Bend the lash first so that it has a natural curve that will match your eye line.

eye lash tutorial01

Put a thin layer of glue on the spine. Don’t put on too much as it will take too long to dry and can get messy. Touch lightly to the back of your hand to even out the glue. Blow on the glue for about 5-10 seconds until it’s started to dry.

eye lash tutorial02eye lash tutorial03eye lash tutorial04

Step 4: Apply lashes

You can either use your fingers or tweezers. Decide for yourself which is easier for you. I will explain both techniques.

Using Fingers:

Hold either end of the lashes and while bending them slightly, lightly place them as close to the root of your lashes as you can. Don’t worry if it’s not sticking well straight away. You can use your finger to press the base of the false lashes gently to fix them.

eye lash tutorial05eye lash tutorial06

This next part is very important. Using your thumb and forefinger, pinch the base of the false lashes against your own lashes to press them together. Make sure you do this all over. If done properly, this will ensure your lashes stay on firmly all day!

eye lash tutorial07eye lash tutorial08

If the lashes are pointing downwards too much after this, just press them up with your finger until it looks right. The lashes should sit on your eyes perpendicular to the floor.

eye lash tutorial09

Using Tweezers:

Firmly grasp the middle of the lashes with your tweezers. Wide pointed tweezers are easiest.

eye lash tutorial02

Place lashes on your top lashes as close as you can get to the root of your lashes.

eye lash tutorial10

The next step is very important. Using your tweezers, press the false lashes and your own lashes together. Do this from end to end.

eye lash tutorial11

Step 5: Finishing up.

If needed, curl with an eyelash curler and put on mascara.You may also need to reapply eyeliner if the process has rubbed it off or to cover up part where the glue is visible.

eye lash tutorial12eye lash tutorial13

And there you have it!


If you have any questions or suggestions for other useful techniques, please don’t hesitate to comment!

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