Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sasa.com review and haul

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The allure of combined shipping savings and an effective 10% discount due to the rise of the Australian Dollar made shopping on Sasa.com this weekend very hard to resist!

Transaction: Overall I'm very happy with Sasa.com. Their communication with customers is excellent. I got an email to confirm my order, telling me my purchase had been packed and telling me my purchase had been shipped. Both normal and express shipping come with tracking number with Hong Kong Post.

Shipping: The shipping cost is very reasonable - $6 flat fee and free for a purchase of $75 dollar or more, a little extra for express shipping. I ordered once by regular mail and the second time I chose express, just to see if there is a big difference in shipping time. My regular mail order was made on 20 April. It was packed on 27 April and arrived on 10 May. The estimated shipping time was 15 to 20 business days. My express post order was made on 7 May, was packed the next day and arrived on the 12th! Express shipping is definitely the way to go.

I love an online retailer that cares enough to spend the time to package your purchase well. It makes up for the customer service you're missing when you order online. Sasa.com purchses come packed inside a box with a butt load of Styrofoam. While I don't agree with the excessive use of Styrofoam, I really appreciate the effort they put in.

The products were all high quality. They look exactly like the ones available in drug stores in Japan. I've heard rumours of fake products, but I've yet to experience this myself.

Dolly Wink False Lashes No.8 Pure Little lower lashes - 13.10USD. I bought Vivid Pop last time and it turned out to be kind of unnatural looking.
Kiss Me Heroin Make 'Beautiful Crying Face' Eyeliner, 12.0USD. I heard a lot of great things about this eyeliner. I used it right after I opened it and it really was fantastic. It was super easy to use. It's very similar to Dolly Wink Deep Black. This eyeliner did not budge all day, as promised!

L'egere Men's Multi BB Cream, $18.40USD. Ok when I saw this, I had to get it for my boyfriend to try! He's actually not opposed to the idea. It's just a moisturizer and sunblock in one, which a lot of guys are using now, but it just happens to be slightly tinted. I'll do a separate review later (on behalf of the actual user of this product!), but I'll just say briefly that the tint is really subtle. When my boyfriend wore it it just evened out his skin tone slightly, and he liked it! The only issue is you don't get much for the price. I bought my L'egere BB cream for less than that at the tube was twice the size!

Kiss Me Heroin Make 'Sky Reaching Mascara' in Long Curl, $12.30USD. This Mascara promises to dramatically lengthen and curl and stay on for the whole day. The second part of this was very true. I have never worn a mascara that didn't flake or smudge for almost 24 hours.
Dior Addict High Shine in Front Row Fig, $21.50USD. I tried a sample of this lip colour that came in Vogue May issue and really liked it! It's really smooth and feels great on. It's more like a gloss than colour, so it never sets.
Kiss Me Heroin Make Eyeliner Pencil, $6.10USD. Just because I needed one.
Free gifts! On the scale of complementary samples and products, for a $80 purchase, these are pretty tame.

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