Monday, March 10, 2014


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If you thought that all there is to Canberra shopping is department stores and generic chains, think again. Just another testament to Canberra's burgeoning fashions scene is chic indie online-offline boutique Mussen. Want asymmetric skirts, printed bombers or white leather shorts? This is one of the only places in Canberra you'll find just that little on-the-edgy-side styles from both coveted and obscure designers: Stylestalker, Staple the Label, Hunt No More, Wish, and more. Bebe Sydney Lace Dress For me, walking into this store is like walking into my world. Founder Zimona, since starting out on Ebay 5 years ago, has been consistently faithful to her style ethos of sleek silhouettes and urban chic - an aesthetic yours truly also holds - and has built a loyal local customer base, including about 80% of the girls I know. The secret to their success, for me, is that Mussen just doesn't do ordinary.

Being a Canberran naturally means that we think deeply about the ethics behind our fashion, and Mussen is leading the pack with their Animal Welfare Policy. They will not stock any real fur and leather must be by-products of the meat industry and wool must be sourced from producers with good animal husbandry.

(Oh and did I mention that Mussen also has a legendary Brow Bar? My girl, Samara (Blond Ink) declared them the no.1 Best Brow Shapers In Canberra.)

This month, Mussen turns one, the anniversary of the official opening on the corner of  Mort Street in Civic. To celebrate, Mussen invited me to raid their racks and play dress-up for some birthday shots. It was so hard to pick just a few things so in the end we've decided to do three outfits.

This first outfit is by special request by Sianne at Mussen. This is perhaps the one and only Bebe Sydney Lacery Sassy Dress left on the face of the earth. I have no words for how gorgeous this dress is. The structured bodice, the large scale pattern and the little off shoulder sleeves. Doesn't it make you feel like you're back in the black and white romance movie days?

Find more styles like this at Mussen's online store, or at their dreamy physical location on 17 Mort Street, Civic, Canberra. Get on their facebook too!

Bebe Sydney Lace Dress Bebe Sydney Lace Dress

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