Sunday, March 16, 2014


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I don't know what happened but now all the shorts I have are trimmed with lace. This pair, surprisingly, came from the sleepwear section of my local charity shop. I guess I can't fault the shop staff for thinking it was a pair of bed shorts, what with the bedroom lace. And as for why I was in the sleepwear section in the first place, well that's just my current fixation with lingerie inspired day-wear. I figure, at least when ever this fad blows over, I'll have a very nice collection of bedclothes.

While I love going all black, I do edit myself by adding a bright accessory or two.

IMG_8139IMG_8134  IMG_8151 IMG_8145 IMG_8141IMG_8153Silk Front T-shirt c/o Elm Clothing
Thrifted lace shorts

Rebecca Minkoff MAC cross shoulder bag (on sale here!)

Leopard Print Loafers c/o Jessica Buurman (here)
Crystal necklace (worn as bracelet) from
Wildwood Shop Canberra

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