Tuesday, December 10, 2013


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When summer comes around and it’s so hot your makeup melts away in the sun, there’s nothing for it but to slip on your mini shorts and oversized sunnies and just embrace the inelegance of it all. I love the atmosphere of spontaneity and playful nonchalance that’s so unique to summer. For the same reason I’m completely enamored of the multi-candy-coloured prints from Australian brand Pemba Boutique which embodies these sentiments so well: Bright red chilies in white negative space, long tangerine zigzags, painterly fruit medley on a violate platter; need I say more? Today’s outfit features Pemba’s Pine Ale Shorts in Turquoise Ikat print – so playful and cool that it beckons one to take a rainbow mocktail in hand. Being the massive cliché that I am, my choice of shoe is of course a pair of simple ankle strap sandals.

If Pemba Boutique’s pieces remind you of the contents of a suitcase that’s just been around the world, well, that’s because owners Pip and Nancy are global travelers. From Africa to Asia, they came, they saw, they danced, and then they came home and opened up shop. As someone on the verge of contracting the travel bug, I can’t help but feel that just-off-the-plane euphoria when browsing through their many easy-to-wear separates and onesies. Each piece looks like it came fresh from a beach-front bazaar somewhere.

Thrifted I Heart NY T Shirt & Sunglasses (similar) \\ Shorts Pine Ale in Turquoise c/o Pemba Boutique \\  Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch (similar) \\ ASOS Hong Kong Heel Sandal with Metal Trim c/o ASOS (also in red and black) \\ 3.1 Phillip Lim Medium Pashli Satchel in Multi-Media

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