Tuesday, October 1, 2013


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Vintage Felt Fedora ($5) (similar here) \\ Vintage Velvet Blazer from Opshoppers ($4) (similar here) \\ H&M V-neck Tee from Material Pleasures ($10) \\ J Brand Adrian Distressed Boyfriend Jeans (here) \\ Rebecca Minkoff MAC in woven leather (similar here) \\ eBay pointed kitten strap heels ($30) (here or similar here )

I’ve always had mixed feelings about velvet. If eyes could smell, I would definitely say velvet looks like the scent of moth balls, because I guess you’d expect to find it in some cobwebby corner of a storeroom somewhere. On the other hand, sometimes things are so old fashion they start to look modern all over again. I’m currently in the latter camp. However, personally I don’t think velvet is a material that translates well into unconventional applications. It’s fundamental quality is its sense of richness and decadence. Making things like mini dresses, short shorts or leggings just cheapens it completely. Don’t even get me started on the velvet track suit! So I’ll always opt for the old fashioned velvet piece. This blazer is another thrifted piece from my recent raid of Opshoppers’s clean out sale. Apart from the gorgeous shiny yet furry texture that’s so unique to velvet, this blazer’s just that perfect length that I love. 

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