Monday, September 9, 2013


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eBay tee shirt and skirt \\ Vintage cross shoulder bag (similar) \\ Baillie thigh high boots c/o Jessica Burrman (here) \\ Ray Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses c/o ASOS (here)

I’ve been torn for a while now between desperately wanting a pair of thigh high boots, and really not wanting a pair at all—I promise I’m on my way to making a point here. The thigh high boot is so cool in theory. In a world where fashion generally works with the pull of gravity, thigh high’s are like clothing in reverse (upside down pants?). But does it have to have such sexy connotations? I Just don’t do ‘sexy’, like, at all. What I’ve been looking for is the 'casual thigh high’. Something contemporary and falls in the ‘cool’ category, rather than hoochie mama. Just when I was staring to think that there’s just no such thing, I came across the Baillie two-way thigh high boot from Jessica Buurman, and I was immediately obsessed. Why the ‘two-way’? The leg portion is detached from the shoe: genius.

The thing I love the most about this boot is that it looks so much like daggy school shoes. Not sexy – tick. In fact, when I took them out for a spin today, not a single wolf whistle. 

Funnily enough, I had more to answer for for the other components of my outfit. My ironically misspelled ‘Acme’ shirt was lost on pretty much everyone. Unless you were familiar with the font, I guess you would assume it was actually correctly spelt, and I ordered it from the same company that makes Dehydrated Boulders and Female Road Runner costumes. Despite the apparently ineffectiveness of the tee shirt design punch line, it fits amazingly and was a satisfying eBay cheap thrill. As was this jersey mini skirt, coincidentally, which is a innovative re-jigging of the classic fitted mini.




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